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Fundraising for Artists and Creatives

Write a convincing application and avoid rejection with 4 simple steps

This practical step-by-step course is for artists, creatives, and other makers who want to learn more about the many opportunities of the Danish funding system.

In this course you'll learn:

  • How to kickstart your next application in no time (Goodbye frustrations and head aches)
  • What the boards of the funds are looking for
  • Where you can find the right funds for your project
  • How to create a good budget


The course will take you from project idea to a concrete outline of your next fund application - including a budget.

Along with the course you'll get hands-on templates for creating:

  • Budgets
  • A fundraising archive

... As well as a "Fundraising kickstarter" template to get you off the ground every time.

What People Are Saying About The Course:

I didn't know much about fundraising but have now become much wiser about WHAT fundraising can be used for, WHERE I can apply and HOW to write a good application.

Julie Dybvad, Musician

The strength of this course is to get the concepts refreshed with concrete exercises, which ultimately led to having a more or less finished project. This was both effective and a great feeling!

Franz Bomberg, Author

Super good course! It gives a concrete display of budgets which clarified some parts I have otherwise often been in doubt about how I should set up. I'm thinking the course is just as relevant to entrepreneurs as to artists.

Cathrine Petersen, CEO